Xiaomi Mi Fit Band Review

The Mi Fit Band is a water-resistant activity tracker from Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi. It comes as a band with a shiny silver sensor. You can easily remove the sensor out of the band to charge it. It automatically tracks activity (steps) and sleep.

The Xiaomi Mi Fit band goes for $ 14.99. With a price tag that sharp, it is the cheapest wearable on the market.

Things I like about Xiaomi Mi Fit band

Battery life/charging

One of the most brilliant things about the Mi Fit Band is the battery life and the way you charge it. You get  the metal sensor out of the band and can easily charge it through your computer in a couple of hours. Once you charged it, the battery lasts for 30 days. Just like the Withings Activite Pop and the Misfit Shine, you don’t have to worry about recharging it a lot. A great feature!

Mi fit band
Sensor & charger

Non-intrusive design

The band comes in different colors, and the black band is a nice, neutral choice. The silver sensor makes it a stylish wearable. Normally I believe wearables are chunky and ugly, but this one suits wrists really well and is also a stylish addition to other wearables if you wear more than one at a time.

Easy to Use

The Mi Fit Band is easy to use because it has a range of limited functionality. You can’t use, tap or wipe the screen around your wrist, which is something you need to get used to at first, but once you’re over that you quickly learn that all info flows directly into the app.

In the app, all the info is displayed in an easy to understand way. There are no hard-to-read graphs or insights, just a very relaxing design and clear information.

Design of the app

I was very impressed by the app of the Mi Fit band. It’s not easy to make a simple app that looks visually stunning, but Xaomi did a good job.

Synching with Apple Health

All info from your Mi Fit Band flows directly to Apple Health if you give it permission to do so. Since all my health info is coming together in Apple Health, this is a great feature, especially since not all wearables and health apps share date with Apple Health.


The Mi Fit band is on the market for $15. Yes, you’ve read that correctly: $15. This must be the cheapest activity tracker on the market.

Water resistant

The Mi Fit band is water resistant, so you can easily take it into the shower with you or wash it if you get sweaty.

What I disliked about Mi Fit

Compatibility with other apps

The Mi Fit Band is made by a Chinese manufacturer, and you notice it seems to be marketed to a Chinese audience when you want to share your stats in other apps: You get a list of Chinese networking apps, but none of those are familiar to me. Neither Facebook, Twitter, nor Pinterest are included in the list.


Whereas my Basis Peak told me I walked 1,207 steps one day, my Mi Fit Band told me I walked 2,352 steps. I wore both on the same hand, so this seems kind of odd. Also for the sleeptracking the Mi Fit Band counts too much deep sleep. The Mi Fit Band should track biking, but it doesn’t: I bike everyday, and I never noticed the band registering the activity.

Too basic

The Mi Fit band itself is basic. It can ping you for incoming phone calls, but not for texts. The LEDs only show you your progress; you can’t interact with the band.

LED malfunctions

It’s impossible to understand the logic from the LEDs on the silver sensor. When you reach your step goal, they all light up, and the band starts vibrating. Or at least  they should be, but I often had the feeling that didn’t work. It would also have been handy if I could shake my arm and see the LEDs light up to see my progress and to be able to follow it. However, that was not the case.

Would I recommend the Mi Fit band?

If you are not sure whether you want an activity tracker and whether it would improve your life, I would definitely recommend the Mi Fit band. It’s a great starter wearable and very affordable activity tracker that doesn’t require a difficult setup and won’t bombard you with options in the app.

If you’re on a budget, you can also consider Misfit or the Fitbit Flex.

If you’re looking for deeper analysis and not on a budget, I would recommend the Fitbit Charge HR. If you’re looking for a smartwatch with a functional screen, I would recommend the Apple Watch, Basis Peak or Fitbit Surge.

Update: Xiaomi band 6 months later

I wanted to give the Xiaomi another shot, because of it’s great design and easy- in use app.
I am not going to deny that I also wanted to try it out again, hoping they would have improved the steps tracking so I could actually wear and use it 24/7.

Here’s what I found out compared to my previous review:

Tracking still inaccurate

I was disappointed to find out that the tracking accuracy hasn’t improved over time. Some days my Moves would have recorded 2000 steps where my Xiaomi would have recorded 8000 steps. And the other way around. I am not sure whether it’s related to not keeping in mind timezones, so steps being recorded on different days, but it sure doesn’t seem correct.

Xiaomi VS Moves

Improved app design

The simplistic app design of Xiaomi was already quite stunning, but with their updates they improved it even more.

Added functionalities: streaks

With the design update, they also added and updates some functionalities of the Mi Fit app.
Now you can track your streaks of hitting your goal, seeing how much battery your Xiaomi band still has…


Xiaomi streaks



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