Which Wearable Is Right For You?

At Addapp we know a thing or two about wearables, and over recent months we’ve noticed more people have been asking us to recommend devices and apps to help them learn more about their well-being.

We’ve found that oftentimes the variety of wearables available today can be overwhelming and we want to do something about that. We believe that choosing a wearable, and importantly, finding the right wearable for you, should be a simple, quick and painless task.

To solve this problem we’re whipping up a new, free Wearable Buyers Guide and we’d love to share an early sneak peak of what’s to come with you.

Free, personal advice on wearables

Wearable Advice

The first part of our Wearable Buyers Guide is our Wearable Advice initiative.

All of our team use wearable devices on a daily basis (we can often be found using more than one device at a time) and we absolutely love to speak with people about devices and help them find the right device for their needs.

How it works

It really couldn’t be simpler. We put together this quick survey (it really takes no time at all to complete) and once we have your answers a member of our team will personally reach out to you and give you some advice on which device is right for you.

Ready to give it a try?

Find out which wearable is right for you.

Wearable reviews

In the coming weeks you’ll notice us doubling-down on wearable reviews, too. Over recent months we’ve used and vigorously tested a number of devices and we’ll be sharing our experiences for you right here on our blog.

If there are any devices you’d like to see us review, please drop us a Tweet or leave a comment below.

In the meantime here are some of our current wearable product reviews:

Jawbone UP

The Jawbone up is one of the highest selling wearables on the market and measures your steps and sleep. You can also input nutrition data too, making it a great all-round device. Check out our thoughts on the UP here.

Misfit Shine

The Misfit Shine is one of the most visually appealing and versatile wearables on the market. Check out our thoughts on the Shine here.

Fitbit Flex

The Fitbit Flex is another of the best selling devices on the market. Its core features are similar to most other wristband-trackers: it measures your sleep and steps and helps you log how many calories you eat. See how we rate the Flex here.

Stay tuned for many more reviews and announcements about our Wearable Buyers Guide.


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