Project Addapp In The Making – Part II

As promised from the previous post, we will give you updates as we are preparing ourselves for the launch.  We are very close to launching our Minimum Viable Product (MVP).  To be specific about it we want to launch on the 15th of July 2013.  So many things have to be taken care of till we launch even for an MVP.  Namely:

1.  Integrate third-party applications:  Which one to choose?

We will be pulling in data from 7 applications/tracking devices.  These are FitbitWithings, Runkeeper, Sleep Cycle, Moves, Mapmyrun, and Fatsecret.  You might ask “why these?”  It is a combination of 3 factors.  First its popularity.  It was surprising to us that it is not that easy to find the most popular applications.  What is popular really?  The app market in general is so dynamic that things change very quickly and you can rely only on “guesstimates”.  Second, open/closed API.  In our opinion, the best apps are the ones which allow integration.  There is a whole discussion about why a company should or should not allow this.  Our viewpoint is that isolating yourself in the world of big data can bring less benefits than opening up.  Or if you want to turn it around, it will do you less harm.  Third, even when there is an open API there are differences in the amount of work needed to integrate it.  You can make the following translation:  more amount of work=more money to spend.  Having those factors in mind we made our choice.  As we go forward we will be adding more health & fitness applications.  You wanna have your say on what to integrate next?  Tweet it @projectaddapp!

2.  Design:  Not bad or good enough?

Although we like our first design, it is not something Sir Jonathan Ive, Apple’s Chief Software Designer, would have created.  We did this because we want a minimalist design.  We want it to be simple & functional.  Nevertheless, there are things to take care of.  For example, the blank states.  We were busy thinking of the user experience but we actually forgot how it would look like if a user had just signed up without having connected anything.  This and other small things like last minute changes on the colors, on pop-up windows, and other have to be tackled.

3.  Launching strategy:  Where are the users and how do you get feedback?

We are launching an MVP.  We don’t go for the solution of a private BETA because we don’t see the benefit in our case.  We are ready to handle a big amount of users, if the tech gods are with us, and we want three things:  feedback, feedback, feedback.  The more users we have, the more feedback we can get.  We have plans for the future but why spend money now for it?  We want our users to let us know if our ideas are crap or have an added value.  In terms of attracting signups on our launch page, we have multiple ways of doing it:  slideshare presentations from our own experiences, engaging in forums and social media, blog posts like this one, and we did spend a few euros on paid ads.

4.  Alignment:  Who is the one with the broken compass?

We are a team of 2 but we have outsourced the programming, the design, and the algorithm creation.  All these are different parts of the same puzzle and they have to fit!  So we have to spend a lot of time coordinating, translating communications & understandings and trying to keep everyone on the same boat towards the same destination with the right speed.  It is not easy.

5.  What can go wrong?

This is a question somebody should ask in every industry, in every company, for every product.  It is not that you can tackle everything on one go but it is better to know upfront rather than being confronted with it at the last moment.  Or, in other words, there are things you know you know, there are things you know you don’t know, and there are things you don’t know you don’t know.  Minimizing the 3rd one will be of added value, no doubt about it.

Apart from all the five above points you have to keep yourself motivated, healthy (using health & fitness apps), focused and up to date.  The wearable technology explosion, and the related health & fitness apps around it, can make or break your day if you are running a start-up using all these health & fitness data.  But what can be more fascinating than waking up and knowing that you will hear & see something new?

Stay put, follow us, sign up!  We will keep you updated on the road towards our launch.

Kouris & Mauro

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