Project Addapp in the making Part I

Project AddApp is a startup based in Brussels, Belgium.  Brussels is one of these cities where the startup world runs somewhat parallel to the vibe of the whole city, which is primarily driven by the European Union Institutions, consulting companies and lobbyists.  Check Betagroup if you want to know more.

What is Project AddApp?

We are a platform where we pull in data from health & fitness applications & tracking devices and provide insights to the users about their data.  If you know the term “quantified self” you probably heard similar services/startups before.  We will not argue on that one, actually the more the better if you ask us.  There is so much to be done and the quantified self space is growing like a snowball.

We will soon launch our Minimum Viable Product (MVP) and we will to let users explore & discover insights coming from their data.  We will launch a web application instead of a native application on iOS or Android.  We did this, exactly because we believe in mobile applications when it comes to tracking yourself.  Considering the fact that we do have a budget, we assessed that for our MVP building a web application (accessible via mobile) is better to get a first feedback.  Once we are sure that we have enough feedback to go forward with, we will build our native application.

Our product is based on the assumption that collectively we know more about ourselves than in isolation.  You probably know your personal data from your tracking experience.  You probably have a hard time analyzing these data.  Project AddApp will give you the possibility to know more by letting you, for example, explore how the carbs you consumed for lunch impacts your sleep quality.  Nevertheless, assuming you could easily find this out, where do the others stand?  Do they have the same experience as you do?  This is something additional we will offer with our MVP.  How will we do that?  More on that soon on a separate blog post which will be posted some days before our launch.  So make sure you follow our blog.

Who is Project AddApp?

We are two “wannabes” entrepreneurs (Kouris & Mauro) but we are not that, just yet.  We are both not technical.  Therefore we are not the typical duet you find in startups where one codes and the other designs.  Is this scary?  It can be, if you allow it.  If you can code your own software you generally have more possibilities to drive it to wherever you want it to go.  You can code the whole night if needed.  We have to outsource it and this means ensuring that our programming partner has to have a very good idea of our concept & vision.  Moreover, we have to give directions to our outsourcing partners ensuring that we stay within the budget, within deadlines, and be able to anticipate of situations which we never encountered before, and we don’t know when they will appear.

“Iron” Kouris has an educational background in international economics and international relations.  He has worked in consulting, merger & acquisition, project management, and supply chain.  He likes structure and he has seen too many times the movie “Ironman”…

“Super” Mauro has an educational background in business administration & international management.  He has worked in human resources, finance, supply chain, and lately project management.  He is the creative type and he plays too much the game “Super Mario”…

We will be posting more info about us & screenshots of our first frontend designs as we go forward.  Interested?  Sign up here, add our blog to your RSS reader, and follow us on Twitter!


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CEO & Co-founder of Addapp. I love tracking, coffee, anything cooked
by my mom, startups, and quantified self.

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