30 Little-Known Features of the Health and Fitness Apps You Use Every Day

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  1. Jennifer Shepard

    Hi! Do you happen to know if there are any apps that would link fitbit and jawbone UP users? I have a group of 20 friends that all have the devices and we’d like to have a team competition and be able to open up one app to see how everyone is doing with their steps. Thank you!

    1. Hi Jennifer, I’m not aware of apps that allow you to compete against friends using different devices. The main issue with this type of app is that every device will give a slightly different reading on how many steps you’ve taken, so it would be hard to make the competition 100% fair and equal. If you all use an iPhone I’d recommend giving Human a try and creating a team on there.

  2. Very informative, it makes my work a lot easy.

  3. Quick question: I’ve been using Cardiotrainer to log my runs for a couple of years and I love that I can tell it I want to run 5ks and it will tell me when I reach the halfway mark, at which point I turn around and run back. I can’t find this feature on other running apps. Surely it exists?


    1. Runtastic allows you to set a distance – just set it for 2.5k and then turn round and head home – it will continue to log your run even though you set a distance until you stop it yourself at your end point.

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