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  1. I have been using the original Withings scale for a couple of years now and I am really satisfied with it. I also thought about upgrading to the WS-50 but since the scale resides in my bathroom I don’t care for the CO2 there. One cool thing about the new scales though is the ability to sync via your phone using Bluetooth.

    1. Indeed the bluetooth sync is something I really enjoy! I simply go on my scale in the morning and it simply syncs to the iPhone. It takes all the friction of manual logging or plugging in/out etc.

  2. My wife got me this scale for my birthday back in December and I have to disagree with you about the HR accuracy. I find it to be as accurate as my Life Source BP cuff (I have HBP). As for the body fat composition, I don’t even think the TANITA BC-1000 has nailed that yet.

    1. Thanks Eric, regarding the heart rate happy to hear it works for you! I tested the heart rate from the smart body analyzer with the Withings blood pressure device which gives the heart rate metric as well for 9 days straight. In most cases the difference was 20 beats per minute higher with the smart body analyzer.

      1. 20 beats is pretty dramatic. If you bought the scale, I would exchange it.

        1. I did buy it and might actually contact them to exchange it :-)

  3. Hi Kouris, thanks for sharing your analysis! I have the WS-30 and I’m very satisfied with it. It does exactly what I’m looking for. I also have the Blood Pressure Monitor and measure every morning just when I enter the office. Don’t know if that’s the best timing but we share it in the team at this moment. I saw you measured blood pressure too; when?

    1. Hi Philippe, thanks for your comment! What I do is I measure my blood pressure with the Withings blood pressure monitor every morning right after I wake up. I take a couple of minutes of deep breath to relax and I measure myself. In my opinion, and according to articles I’ve read, that’s the best way to do it. Maybe you can do it as well in this way! In any case, I am planning a gadget review on this device as well so I’d love to hear your thoughts when we publish it!

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