Fitbit Flex Review

The Fitbit Flex is the best selling activity tracker on the market. Its core features are similar to most other wristband-trackers: it measures your sleep and steps and helps you log how many calories you eat.


It currently retails on Amazon at around $94 – cheaper than most of the competition.

Is it the price that makes the Fitbit so popular? What else does it have going for it? I tested the Flex during three months and here are my thoughts on the device.

Three things I like about the Fitbit Flex

1. A lively community

The  Fitbit Flex’s community features are the best of all trackers I’ve tried: I can taunt my friends, I can cheer them on or send a message. It’s fun and works well.

2. Easy to see my progress

I like the little LED-lights: they show me how close (or far away) I am from reaching my daily step-goal. There are five lights and that’s just right for me.


3. Fitbit mobile app

Health data must be easy to digest and this is where the Fitbit Flex shines: the Fitbit mobile app gives a nice and simple overview of what’s most important. What’s more, this Fitbit syncs via Bluetooth.


Over to the things I don’t like so much

1. Hard to wear

Putting the Flex on is really hard and that’s frustrating. I want a device that’s easy to wear. It may seem minor but these things can stop you from using a device.

2. The web-app is overwhelming

Where the mobile app is user-friendly, the web-app is just the opposite: there’s too much stuff and it is overwhelming.


3. Battery-life

The Fitbit Flex has the shortest of any tracker I know. The battery lasts five, maximum six days. Compare this to the Jawbone with ten days – not to mention the Misfit Shine or Withings Activite Pop where the battery lasts several months. What’s more: the Flex doesn’t warn me when the battery goes flat. I’ve gone entire days without knowing it was empty.

So, would I recommend the Fitbit Flex?

This is a tough question.

I can’t get beyond how hard it is to put the Flex on. I prefer to use the Shine even if it gives me less tips and useful data.

On the other hand, the Fitbit Flex is way ahead of the competition in the social corner. If that is important to you, the Flex is definitely an option. You are also more likely to find active friends because the Flex has so much market share. And the price is attractive of course.

But you have to get beyond the frustration of putting it on. I propose you try it out before you buy.


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