8 Crowdfunded Wearables To Keep An Eye On

Great innovators are often found on crowdfunding sites. Their product is in early development and they need financial support to bring it to the market.

We were curious which crowdfunded wearables from Indiegogo.com could blow us off our feet – here’s our pick of the best…

  • Leo: very specific insightful updates from tracking muscle signals
  • Push: tracks velocity, power and force of your workout
  • Gymwatch: a tracker that measures motion and strength
  • Nevo: a minimalist watch and activity tracker with a stunning design
  • Bitbite: tracks your nutrition and eating habits from your EAR
  • Healbe GoBe: automatically tracks calories through your skin
  • TellSpec: handheld food-scanning device
  • Olive: monitors and helps you manage stress levels
  • EXTRA: Breathometer Mint: track your oral health through your breath

1. LEO: deeper insights by tracking your muscle signals


LEO is a leg band integrating with iPhone, Android and desktops and seems to outsmart regular wearables. Whereas most wearables track what’s happening with the wearable (movement, acceleration, altitude etc), LEO is able to measure and monitor your body-signals such as muscle activity, fatigue, heart rate, lactic acid, hydration, calories and technique using the advanced technique of electromyography (EMG is the process of acquiring tiny electrical signals generated by muscle contractions at the surface of the skin) to monitor your muscle behavior.


Since LEO monitors those bio-signals, it’s able to give you deeper insights into your training. And not just following your workout – in realtime, during your performance too. LEO recognizes each unique muscle signature to determine not only what you’re up to but whether you’re doing it right.

LEO adapts its intelligence to the amount of data it receives, so your data helps not only you, but your fellow LEO users too.

The funding on Indiegogo has ended in August 2014, tripling it’s goal of $50 000 by 605 funders. It should be on the market in March 2015. We’re keen to get our hands on one!


2. Push: track velocity, power and force of your workout

Push Wearable

Would you like to go beyond tracking distance and speed of your activity? With Push you can track velocity, power and force. How does it work? The arm- or legband –  tracks how your body performs at a certain weight and provides insights to help you optimize the load. You can use it to actually measure your strength.

If you want a device that comes with solid testing, some of the world’s most renowned teams in the NFL, NHL and NBA have been using it over the past year and their feedback was incorporated in the device.

Push dashboard

It has an extensive dashboard that gives you recommendations to improve your workout, insights into your performance and tons of exercises. It can be used to monitor every member of an entire team.

Push was successfully crowdfunded at the end of 2013  and is now available on the website for $189.


3.Gymwatch: monitor your strength


The German Gymwatch is a fitness tracker that measures the full range of motion and strength expended in every exercise. It provides real-time personal coaching to help users perform exercises properly and get the most out of their workouts.

You can wear two wearables for more insights and additional functions. For example you can track both arm and leg movement as well as monitoring any muscle imbalances between your left and right side.

Every season new metrics will be integrated and the focus will be on a different type of workout such as spinning, rowing, walking or running.

Gymwatch App
The Gymwatch sensor is for sale on their website for $199


4. nevo: minimalist activity tracking watch with stunning design

Nevo Watch

If you need to carry your wearable 24/7 around your wrist, you want it to have a stunning design. Nevo clearly understood this demand and made a minimalist connected watch that was recently backed by over 2400 people.

Nevo challenges you to walk, run or swim more by setting a daily goal through the app and updating you throughout the day as to how much you have left to complete your goal. Through LEDS integrated in the watch you can easily track your progress.


You can also enable 6 kinds of other colored LEDs for different types of phone alerts such as alarms, incoming phone calls etc.

We love that it’s first and firemost a decent watch made with a Swiss movement from ETA, one of the most powerful companies in the modern watch industry. It comes with a normal battery or solar energy.

You can still buy the watch on Indiegogo. It comes at $250 or $300 (solar powered).


5. Bitbite: track your nutrition & eating habits from your ear

If you track your food intake, you’ll know that it’s often quite a hassle to look up every food item throughout the day. BitBite wants to solve that and provide you with more data.


Through a lightweight ear piece, Bitbite collects data on your the quality of your chewing, the volume of chewing, the food you’re eating and your eating routine and locations.

The chewing data is tracked immediately; the nutrition data is tracked through sound analysis so you have to talk out loud to the BitBite in order to track your food intake (not one for the shy). In return BitBire gives realtime suggestions and coaching while you eat and provides a nutrition diary of not just your food intake, but when, where and how you eat too.


With its sound analysis and ear plug, we’re not sure whether BitBite will be able to conquer the market, but it’s definitely a revolutionary device and a step in the right direction for making food tracking easier.


6. Healbe GoBe: automatically tracking calories through your skin

Healbe GoBe

While we’re on the subject of making calorie tracking easier,  let’s say hi to Healbe GoBe who’ve found an easier way to track your calorie intake: through your skin. With 3 sensors continuously tracking your health, Healbe GoBe can track blood flow, heart rate, fluid levels in tissue and many other things.

Let’s cut to the science: After you eat, insulin triggers your cells to absorb glucose and release water. The Body Manager’s impedance sensor measures these changes by sending high and low frequency signals through your tissue to determine the fluid volume of your cells. FLOW uses this information about your cells’ changing glucose concentrations to calculate calorie intake. 

It’s an exciting device, we reckon: this technology also allows the device to track many things such as hydration, so you’re not limited to calories; basically, a lot of things we like to monitor are all covered in this one app that doesn’t require any manual input.


No wonder it received over 4400 funders andmore than a million in crowdfunding. You can now buy the wristband on the site ($299).


7. TellSpec: handheld device scanning food


How often do you know exactly what’s in your food by reading the label? TellSpec is a handheld device that knows what’s on your plate by scanning it. TellSpec tells you the allergens, chemicals, nutrients, calories, and ingredients in your food by looking at it.

The data gets transmitted to your smartphone to get a clear overview of what’s in your food and the device even scans through plastic and glass.

The campaign ended in 2013 and was backed by over 1700 people. You can now order the device ($350) on the website. It will be shipped in July.


8. Olive: Manage your stress with 1 rub

Olive stress band

Stress is a tough one. Tough to measure, tough to manage. Enter Olive…

This smart wristband measures stress  through your skin temperature, changes in heart rate and reactions in your skin. It also takes your calendar and location into account as well as how you slept, your exposure to light and your physical activity. All factors that can add up to your stress level.

You can also manually give a sign that you’re either having an awesome moment (by tapping it twice) or that you’re in a stressful situation (by stroking it).

Olive is a smart wristband that learns from your previous behavior and gives you realtime recommendations to reduce stress.

The campaign on Indiegogo closed in december 2014 and exceeded the goal. It’s unclear when it will be released on the market.

Olive Stress App

Olive seems about the right tool for the entire population, no?

9. EXTRA Breathometer Mint: track your oral health through your breath

Breathometer Mint

Whether you want to smell as fresh a daisy for your loved one, or keen to avoid smelling like your work colleague, we’re sure there’s a need for this breath tracker…
The Breathometer Mint doesn’t only track the smell of your breath, but also your oral health and your hydration level.

Your oral health can often reveal other health issues but this discreet green tracker, with apps available for iPhone & Android, is here to help!

The team behind Breathometer Mint is experienced in tracking through breath. They successfully launched Breeze, a device tracking your alcohol levels in your blood through your breath. Is Breathometer here to stay? So it seems!

Breathometer Mint
The Indiegogo-campaign ends the 15th of March. It has already tripled its original goal so it’s definitely hitting the market later on. Check it out yourself!


The wearable market is an exiting place to be for the moment and often revolutionary devices are to be found on crowdfunding platforms. We’re very thrilled to see what other devices will be popping up to make our lives more easy and more trackable!


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  1. Bridget Taylor

    Unfortunately as cool as BitBite sounds, it is a scam, apparently. I (and many others) supported their Indiegogo fund raising campaign 2 years ago. We cannot get a refund. We cannot get a status update on our investment. The last update from the company was 6 months ago and they said they would deliver in Feb/March time frame. No “wearable” and no information. Indiegogo also does not respond to our email complaints about the company. So I guess it is a cool idea but I bet I won’t ever get my BitBite!

    1. Sorry to hear that!

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