Connect more apps to Addapp through Apple Health

Currently, Addapp directly connects with 16 apps. But did you know that you can connect even more apps with Addapp through Apple Health?

Which extra apps can you connect to Apple Health?



Sleep & other

STEP 1: connect apps to Apple Health

Here is how you connect apps to Apple Health:
Open Apple Health > My Sources > select the apps you want to add to Apple Health.

It’s important to click on the Sources and allow Apple Health to read & write data.

As well for the services you want to connect to Addapp, as Addapp itself. The standard setting in Apple health is that no data get transferred unless you approve it.


STEP 2: connect Apple Health to Addapp

Here is how you connect Apple Health to Addapp:
Open Addapp > Services > Apple Health


Not all data is stored by Apple Health & thus used by Addapp

Apple Health only stores certain information in its app. Cycle & walking duration, for example, are not stored by Apple.

For your personalized insights, we can only rely on the data that Apple Health saves. We’re not magicians (unfortunately), and we can’t use what isn’t there, so if Apple Health doesn’t track certain metrics, we can’t use that data either.


What other apps do you want to see connected with Addapp? 

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