3 Ways Music Can Improve Your Running

Running with music is an emotive subject. Some love it and won’t leave the house without a playlist to run along with. While others, well, they aren’t so keen. But the facts are that running with music helps a majority of runners enjoy their exercise and can also lead to improvements.

Last year we ran our own little experiment into running and music, finding that music helped to distract people while running and help them run further, longer and even quicker.
Today, we’ve teamed up with Spring Moves, a workout music service & training coach that lets you move to music.

A growing body of research on music and running shows that your favorite playlist has both psychological and physiological benefits to your workouts. Here is how: Read More

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10 Things I’ve Learned From Running My First Half Marathon

I went from no running experience to running the San Francisco Half Marathon in two months. When it was all over and I had some time to sit down with myself, I realized how many things the experience has taught me.

This is the last piece of a series on training for and running a half marathon. Also read: 

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part 4: how I stayed motivated and smashed records
part 5: how I got halfway through my marathon training & what changed since the beginning
part 6: the apps & devices I used to track my progress
part 7: the roller coaster of emotions during two months of training
Part 8: I did it! I ran a half marathon!
Part 9: 21 tips and tricks to run a half marathon

I am not a personal trainer or a running expert, but these are personal learnings from two months of intense training leading up to the half marathon that could apply to anyone interested in going for 13.1.

1. I am all that matters


I have always been a big fan of challenges. When people tell me I can’t do something, I eagerly want to prove them wrong. In large part, I started my training to show the world I was able to do this. By telling me I wasn’t able to run or hike, others challenged me to do it, and I wanted to surprise them.

In the beginning of my training some people would joke that I was running slower than a turtle, and I got pissed off. I was running and doing some activity, and I was not about to let people sit back and criticize.

I didn’t want to let others bring me down, so I shifted focus to myself, particularly how I was striving to do this for myself. It allowed me to be easier on myself and to fully understand that this should be a fun experience: I could run the race however I wanted. Read More

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