How An Automated Email Improved Our Retention

“May I say your e-mail made me laugh in the back of my Dad’s Jeep? Thank you!”


Since the beginning of Addapp, we have always had an issue with quickly providing value to users since it takes 24 hours to provide added value to them. And that always had a negative impact on our retention rate.*

Imagine you are doing a lot of hard work to have someone download your app, then actually use your app and failing to provide value quickly enough. That sucks. It really sucks.  I strongly believe we are not the only ones with this problem. So if you have this problem, keep on reading. If you don’t have this problem, keep on reading too, as you might learn something new.

Automated email: I am not a number

When you sign up for a service or a product, you normally get a classic automated welcome email. Read More

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Graphs are coming back on insights

Before our new release, we had graphs for certain insights. But we thought that they were…umm, kinda sucky. So we took them out for optimization. We wanted to make them kick-ass before bringing them back to the insights.

A lot of you asked for the graphs, and we heard you loud and clearly, so we’re ready to bring them back!

Your data against the average of Addapp users

On insights that tell you how you compare to the average of all Addapp users, we’re going to show you a graph that visualizes your values to the average.

dc5def54-0b8a-11e5-846c-baa656368fda  Addapp graphs

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