Breeze Shutting Down

Runkeeper just announced that it is shutting down Breeze.

Breeze, a sister app of Runkeeper, helped users become more active during the day. Breeze automatically tracks steps and gives you updates on it. Breeze also nudges you during the day to walk more and shows you the progress you’re making.

Focus on Runkeeper & no longer on Breeze

The team behind Breeze decided to focus entirely on Runkeeper and make it the best possible running app. With this focus on running, the decision was made to shut down Breeze.

The app will no longer be available in the App Store as of May 13; however, Breeze users can still use the app on their phone in its current state. No updates will be made.

Try Human

We’re sad to see Breeze go, but we highly recommend that users of the app try HumanHuman has similar features to Breeze: It automatically tracks your steps (and biking and running) and motivates you to be active at least 30 minutes a day. Human also has the option to challenge your friends so you can be as active as possible.

Human & Runkeeper integrate with Addapp

Breeze users that move over to Human can integrate Human with Addapp through Apple Health.

Runkeeper users can also integrate their running results with Addapp through Apple Health. Here is an extensive guide on how you can do so

We wish Runkeeper all the best!

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  1. I can’t believe they pulled the plug on this app! For the last year and a half this app has kept me moving. It LITERALLY CONTROLLED MY LIFE. I’m a runner too but I would use other running apps with Breeze in the background. I loved the daily goals and the whole spirit animal concept. The app even inspired me to take a ux course. I could see so much potential. They made a big mistake.

    1. Hey Michelle! You can always substitute this app with Moves app. Also tracks your walking / biking / running automatically!

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