What is the definition of a “wearables”?

I live in a wearable world. I have a startup built around wearables & data. It’s easy for me to understand what a wearable is, or is it? How do you explain to a smart normal person what “wearables” mean?

The other day one of my colleagues received exactly this comment (see below):

Screen Shot 2015-07-24 at 16.17.58

I think we are using a lot of terms in parallel nowadays. Specifically, fitness tracker, wearable devices, smartwatch, fitness band. All these refer to devices which you put on your wrist (unless you are creative and you put on other body parts…). I am going to try to provide a definition for each one of these term.

Fitness tracker

The History of Wearable Technology


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Imagine you are doing a lot of hard work to have someone download your app, then actually use your app and failing to provide value quickly enough. That sucks. It really sucks.  I strongly believe we are not the only ones with this problem. So if you have this problem, keep on reading. If you don’t have this problem, keep on reading too, as you might learn something new.

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