User engagement with Intercom: the bold & the beautiful

When we started Addapp, we understood the importance of user engagement. We had been building and prototyping the app for more than a year together with users and their input was so valuable along the way.

It will be surprise we are getting high on getting in touch with users and getting to know them. Whether it’s to know what complaints they have, to know what they think of our ideas or to check-in whether everything is going okay with Addapp. To even asking about their personal lives if they feel like bringing personal things up.

Intercom has been our supporting partner for that all the way and we thought it would be a cool idea to share our lessons and learnings from

WIN: Stating the obvious in a less obvious way

Because of technical data constraints we can’t give new users a full Addapp experience right from the beginning, so it’s crucial that we get in touch with every new user on sign-up.
Unfortunately we can’t personally e-mail every user, so we decided to acknowledge that automatically welcome e-mails suck. But do it in a humorous way. We took it even a step further and gave users an opportunity to personally get in touch with our CEO if they just replied to the message.

FAIL: Don’t ask for permission to involve users

In the fall we’re launching new app features and before building those, we wanted feedback of long term users that often use our app. We never explicitly asked them whether we could send them our ideas for them to comment on. So we wanted to be polite and ask them if they wanted to be involved in giving us feedback on the new features.

Result: everyone opened the e-mail, but no one replied to our it, so we could as well have sent the prototypes straight away.

WIN: We’re always wrong

On a daily basis we deal with disappointed users. Whatever reason they have to be frustrated, we feel bad for ruining their mood and we’re grateful that they take the time to write down their frustrations, while they have nothing to win with it. So we apologize. We’re always wrong. The words ‘we’re so sorry’  are very powerful and change the entire conversation from a frustrated user to a user that is being heard and acknowledged.

FAIL: focus, don’t ask 5 things at once

A group of users asked ourselves to participate in giving user feedback on new ideas and prototypes. As they were so enthusiastic themselves, we decided to bombard them with all the new ideas we had and their opinion on it. Result: hardly users gave feedback and if they gave feedback, they would write a couple of lines.

We never ask users 3 things at once anymore. We show them 1 concept and ask them 1 thing about it, and we get more valuable feedback than asking 5 different things

WIN: Keep on communicating

We make it a challenge to turn negative conversations into the user agreeing to give feedback on new ideas. One day we forgot to follow-up a long e-mail from an annoyed user. He had all the reason in the world to be annoyed so we made a huge fail when we promised to follow up and never did. A couple of months later, when we noticed the screw-up, we reached out again to that user. We were very humble and took all his feedback straight to the app, showed that we cared and acknowledged the screw-up. We managed to turn the whole conversation around and now the user provides us great feedback on new ideas.


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Inspiring Work-Out & Fitness Instagrammers


Who? 2 women meet on University track and have been working out together ever since. Meet Nathalie &
What to expect? Inspiring short movies and pictures of the 2 working out together
Followers? 284K

A video posted by TwoBadBodies (@twobadbodies) on


Mike Aidela

The Instagram account of Mike is just full of fun and life. He poses together with his girlfriend or other people in such a way it’s hard to figure out yourself to whom the body parts belong.

Who? Mike Aidela, an NYC based personal trainer in YOGA
What to expect? Yoga poses that radiate fun, joy and will hop on your math with your best friends  even if you have no idea how to practice yoga

A video posted by Mike.Aidala (@mike.aidala) on


Who? Professional ballerina, trainer, entrepreneur, new mom. Creator of Ballet Beautiful fitness. What to expect? Postures you can only dream of achieving. You’ll be surprised to see what this woman can do with her feet, body and how graceful she is. And pliés and pointes. Lots of them. Followers?  342k 

Best motivation to lose weight

Erica struggled with her weight her entire life until she decided to change. She lost an amazing 144lb in 15 months through exercise and healthy eating. Her Instagram account is an amazing source of inspiration because she not only shows how she works out, but also shows how real she is. She isn’t  afraid to show pictures of the loose skin she has because of the weight loss. 

Who? Erica, fulltime mother that wanted to be able to play with her son
What can you expect? Pictures of Erica; her life, her workouts, but what is the most impressing are the pictures of her struggles.

A photo posted by Erica (@ericafitlove) on

Best surf spots on the Golden Coast

If you want to know where the waves are the best around San Diego, you definitely should follow Surfreps. Who? A guy with a helicopter who shoots the best places along the coast What to expect? Great aerial pictures from the coastline, showing the best spots to catch some waves. Take your surfboard & get out there! Followers? 4600

Balance like a pro

Michael makes handstands and swinging on bars looks so easy, until you see his abs. His account is a collection of movies and pictures of his workouts, but your jaws can’t do anything else than drop.  Who? Michael Marchese, owner of SGR Fitness What to expect? Effortless (or so it seems) balance exercises 

My deepest #hollowbackhandstand to date. Thanks to @adrianavicino for the amazing photo. A photo posted by Michael Marchese (@upyourfitness) on

Colorful Yoga

You can throw a rock and hit a yoga account on instagram. But it’s hard to be indifferent when watching the colorful pics of Caitlin Turner.

Who? Caitlin Turner, widely known as Gypset Goddess (gypsy + jet set = gypset), is a 200-hr registered yoga teacher, blogger and host of the television show “Yoga Bliss” on The Indonesia Channel.
What to expect? Yogaposes on colorful mountaintops, elephants, vehicles and other inspiring places.


Rock climbing deluxe

Alex Honnold isn’t afraid of heights and climbs mountains in some great, fascinating places around the world. Who? Alex Honnold, climbing phenomenon What to expect? Rocky landscapes, mountains and if you look very closely you’ll see a person hanging somewhere in between.

A photo posted by Alex Honnold (@alexhonnold) on

Kitesurfing galore

Damien LeRoy documents his kitesurfing sessions on his Instagramaccount. As a top kite surfers of the world, and an ambassador of GoPro, his pictures are nothing else than full of life & action. No wonder he won a ‘Picture of the year’ award

Who? A 34y old native Colorado sporter who was a skier most of his life, but turned to kiteboarding after several knee surgeries
What to expect? Sun, blue water, smiles, radiant people & kitesurfing


A photo posted by Damien LeRoy (@leroydamo) on


Bonus: surfers & their boards in weird places

And a bonus one if you just want to have a good laugh with surfer dudes & dudettes. Who? Anonymous person What can you expect? Pictures of surfers & their surfboards, spotted in random places or cars, with funny captions.

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