How Addapp Has Evolved And Where We’re Heading

Last week we launched our first mobile product: Addapp for iOS. It’s a mobile version of our current Addapp web offering, meaning that you can now access all your goals, insights, data and articles right from your iPhone.


Our mobile app allows you to keep up with your progress on the move and you’ll have access to all functionality our web app offers. Here’s a quick overview of what Addapp for iOS offers:

  • Connect Devices
  • Set Goals
  • Edit Goals
  • Insights

This app, though, is still a ‘test’ product as we look to achieve our overall goal of providing more context in the digital health and wearable space. Read on to find out more about how we’re approaching this challenge.

If you get a chance to try our app, we’d love your feedback. The whole team is excited to hear from you. Email or Tweet your thoughts and we’ll get right back to you.

Download Addapp for iOS.

The Pivot

This release is not only a milestone for Addapp, it’s a pivot point for the company.

When we started Addapp we knew we wanted to help give context to the wearable tech industry and to help consumers to learn more about themselves. We discussed many product ideas and after plenty of mock-ups, designs and creative sessions we settled on our MVP idea.

The final idea for our MVP was the following:

A web application, which will integrate data from various health & fitness applications and will allow a user to make experiments. For example, how do my steps correlate with my caffeine consumption or how does my sleep quality correlate with my running distance?

Our MVP launched in July 2013 and over the following months we released several updates.

We launched an improved version of the MVP with a better design and additional analytical features.  A user would be able to create experiments, join other users experiments but in addition they would be able to find the top 5 correlations out of all the data they are tracking.

Addapp Prototype

We showed off this version of the MVP to the quantified self conference in San Francisco in October 2013.  We received great feedback from the participants, which gave us the incentive to continue. But we also knew we needed to change our product if we were to achieve user growth.

Evolving our product

I took the decision to go to San Francisco for 3 months to find a Sillicon-Valley investor to join the board of investors in Addapp. At the same time we decided a new direction: create a web & mobile app based on the learning of our MVP.

One of the key learnings we had from our MVP was that most of our target audience didn’t want to create their own experiments and spend time analyzing their data.

As such, we added a couple more people in the team and we tried to define a new product which would be much simpler than the MVP.

The product offering we decided would allow a user to create well-being goals, e.g. I want to sleep more, I want to run more, I want to be happier. And we would monitor these goals by connecting datasets from the different trackers/apps he/she uses. On top of this we would still provide simple textual insights (rather than letting the user run experiments) together with some relevant articles, blogposts and studies.


This is our current product offering as we speak and you can download our iOS mobile app here.

The new vision

Over recent weeks we’ve spent a lot of time discussing how we can take the company forward. And a large percentage of the discussions were focused on two things:

  1. Web vs Mobile: What should we offer on web vs mobile? Do we need both platforms?
  2. The Product: Have we achieved product / market fit? Does Addapp’s current offering solve the problem we set out to solve?  How can we differentiate from all bigger and smaller players in the space which have come into the market?

After plenty of discussion amongst the team and some interviews with people using our current product we recently made some necessary, but hard, decisions on the future of Addapp.

Mobile first

We will be discontinuing our web application.  As a startup we have limited resources and we believe that we can be more successful if we focus on solely on mobile.  The mobile health industry is booming at the moment, and if current predictions are correct, this growth will continue for years to come.

This decision wasn’t based on data and market predictions alone – we’ve gone with our gut feelings, too. When we first started testing our iPhone application a number of team members remarked that Addapp “felt right” as a mobile product and I agreed.

In the next week-or-so, we’ll be stopping work on the web version of Addapp and closing it for registrations (users who have registered will still be able to login and use the service for a while yet). We may re-introduce a web application in the future, but as of August 2014, Addapp is a purely mobile product.

Insights focused

We will be focusing solely on insights with a new mobile application to be released in September. In other words, rather than re-organizing data sets under a common goal (our current product offering) we will strive to become more intelligent putting this data into better use by creating an awesome software mobile app which will focus on providing you with smart and relevant insights on which a user can act on and be informed.

We’re currently hiring a data scientist to help us evolve our insights focused product. Check out the role in more detail here.

Thank you

The past year-and-a-bit that I’ve been solely focussed on building Addapp has been a bit of a whirlwind. The journey has been exciting, scary, stressful and above all, rewarding.

Some might say that releasing three versions of our app in under 18 months is too many, and in some cases, I’d agree. Not in this case, though. Every product update, piece of feedback, customer question and everything in-between has ultimately led us to the decisions we’ve made in the past couple of weeks.

I’d like to say a huge thank you to everyone who has played their part in Addapp’s journey so far. Your input, no matter how big or small, has been invaluable.

We’re now completely focused on building a world-class mobile product to solve problems around context in the wearables industry.


CEO & Co-founder of Addapp. I love tracking, coffee, anything cooked
by my mom, startups, and quantified self.

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  1. Are you doing an Android version?

  2. Thank you very much for the insight into your journey. It makes us users feel more connected to your company, why you’ve taken the route you have, and how you are evolving into the future. I support the future direction and good luck!!!

  3. Thanks Anthony, we’re honored to have you onboard with Addapp from the beginning and glad that you support this future direction. We will definitely need again your feedback!

  4. Hi John,

    Yes we’re going to support Android as well once we get the app right on iOS. Due to limited resources on Android we prefer to do this as a second step, cheers!

  5. Do you have plans to support HealthKit? In particular to read data from it to feed the analysis?

    1. Hi Mike,

      Yes we do! We are going to be integrating with healthkit. Our aim is to be there by end of November! Let me know if there is something else I can help you.



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