6 Life-Changing Health Products for Women

Women of the world, we’re here for you and your health needs. In honor of International Women’s Day, we’re sharing our favorite health and wellness products just for you. Let’s get to it!

1. DivaCup: Menstrual cup


If your bathroom cabinet is stacked with tampons and pads that you’re not really happy about, consider the DivaCup. It’s a reusable silicone cup that you insert in your vagina when on your period. It collects menstrual blood, unlike other products that absorb it. It’s eco-friendly, saves you $10 per month since you won’t be relying on pads and tampons anymore and keeps you dry for 12 hours. Plus, no smell! Since your menstrual blood doesn’t come in contact with air throughout the day, you’ll be odor-free.

The DivaCup is available for $28. There are other brands out there that are more or less expensive, depending on your wants and needs.

Young woman hand holding menstrual cup


2. Clue: Period & ovulation tracker


Trying to plan for your next period but have no clue which day it will happen? Want to know when your fertile window will occur to optimize your pregnancy chances? With Clue, you can easily track and visualize your cycles. The more cycle data you feed it, the more accurate predictions you receive.

Clue lets you tracks things that could influence your menstrual cycle, like sex, emotions, skin condition and pain. However, you don’t get deeper insights into those metrics (yet?). You won’t hear us complain, though. The app has a visually stunning design, is easy to use and is free.  It’s available for Android and iPhone.


3. Dear Kate: Leak-free underwear


Speaking of periods, let’s talk about Dear Kate underwear. “Lingerie liberation” is what they call it. “Genius” is what we call it. Dear Kate underwear is made of a patented fabric to protect you from menstrual and other leaks. Remember leaking into your white pants, being embarrassed and backing up with a tampon and an extra long pad the next day? You’re not alone. 60% of women experience overflow during their period. But no longer! Dear Kate provides-leak free underwear.

Dear Kate underwear starts at $36 and lets you go through your periods without worrying.

(If you’re into yoga and need some comfortable yoga wear, Dear Kate is expanding their product line and is developing a yoga line now)!

Dear Kate

4. Moxxly: Smart breast pumps


Moxxly is a female-founded company based in San Francisco that is ready to take over the world with products focusing on modern mothers. They want to optimize motherhood products and are in the process of developing a smart and connected breast pump. The pump gives real-time data on supply and is usable with your shirt on, anywhere/everywhere. Are you excited and want to test the pump? Moxxly is looking for beta testers!

5. Lioness: Smart vibrator


A vibrator that learns what you like and how you use it, sounds promising, right?  Lioness is a smart vibrator that pairs with an app and tracks how quickly you get aroused, how long it generally takes to orgasm, and when sex would feel best.

Hold your horses! Lioness is not on the market yet, but you can preorder it for $199 on Indiegogo.

6. Flush: Toilet Finder


On the go and urgently need to pee? With Flush app, you can find all available restrooms around you. Give the app your location, and within seconds you’ll know where you can use the restroom.
You can download Flush for free on the app store.

Flush app

Which apps and or products did we forget to mention? Let us know!

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