5 Ways To Prevent Stress On The Work Floor

Stress in the workplace is a problem we all deal with. The World Health Organization predicted in 2013 that burn-out would be a global pandemic within the next decade. So it comes as no surprise that 60% of the public sector and 40% of the private sector employees reported high levels of burn-out and stress. 

Reasons Why Employees Are Stressed & Feel Burned Out

There is a wide variety of reasons why employees feel burned out and stressed on the work floor. Some of the most common reasons are: Lack of control over their job and schedule, having different values, too much work…

How do you battle with stress?

5 Ways To Prevent Stress as A Manager

1. Know & prevent stress before it happens

Knowing your team, understanding current stress levels and seeing trends into your team emotions and stress gives you context to prevent stress and manage situations before they reach a tipping point. Lucid is a new tool we developed to manage and understand the stress of your team based on data from tools you’re already using like Slack, Google Calendar, Hipchat, and Yammer…

What you can do as a manager: we launched the the first version of Lucid and it’s free. Check out Lucid & sign-up here.

2. Stimulate exercise

A study showed that there is a strong connection between a positive well-being, personal accomplishment and reducing stress by exercising. Exercising is also a popular way for coping with stress. 14% of Americans cope with stress by exercising. Walking, running and yoga are the preferred exercising methods to cope with stress.

Things you can do as a manager: Do your employees have time to exercise or take a break to get a walk in during the work day? Do you offer monetary support to cover their exercising expenses like gym membership?

3. Be on top of workload & work responsibilities

Technology improvements, automation and an increasing global market place have pushed companies to restructure, downsize and have more multi-skilled employees. “Standard” workdays have been replaced by “open-ended workloads” where particular tasks have to be finished rather than working a fixed set of hours before calling it a day. This results in longer workdays for employees and job demands being a stressor for an increasing number of people.

Things you can do as a manager: be aware of what your employees are working on, know how long they are working and relieve pressure on them when they are active on hours that they shouldn’t be. Also make sure your employees know what their responsibilities are and what isn’t in scope.

4. Eliminate interruptions

Do you have a company culture where employees are stimulated to interrupt others?  Interruptions does not necessarily mean that it will take longer for tasks to be finished, but that higher speed comes at a cost: higher workload, higher frustration and more stress.

Things you can do as a manager: 
Figure out which kind of company you are: how many times do people interrupt each other? If there are too many interruptions: organize meeting free days, stimulate your employees to go into a “do not disturb mode”. Whether that’s through your digital tools or by instituting a process you set-up within your company like “wearing headphones means you cannot disturb me”.

5. Create space to talk about personal problems

An Employee Assistance Program (or EAP) is a program through which employees can get in touch with a professional to talk about work-related or personal problems that might influence their work performance, mental and physical health etc. The conversations happen between your employees and people outside of your company and the conversations remain strictly confidential. This confidentiality and outside perspective creates space for your employees to talk about their problems without holding back because they might have personal issues they don’t feel comfortable talking with their managers about.

What you can do as a manager: invest in an Employee Assistance Program, inform your employees and stimulate them to use it.

Do you use other methods to prevent and/or deal with stress of your employees?  Let us know in the comments below…

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