5 Ways To Manipulate A Fitbit Challenge

At Addapp, we enjoy some friendly competition, and we definitely like participating in app/wearable challenges when it involves performing better on health-related aspects,  like getting more steps.

Activity tracker- and health app-based challenges are great ways to improve your health and get moving.

One of the devices we have used to challenge each other as co-worker is Fitbit. With a Fitbit challenge, you challenge a friend or a group of people wearing Fitbit devices, and Fitbit challenges can mean any of the following:

  • Daily Showdown: Who can get the most steps today?
  • Weekend Warrior: Who can get the most steps over the weekend?
  • Workweek Hustle: Who can get the most steps Monday through Friday?
  • Goal Day: How many participants can reach their daily step goal?

We try to play fair, but we like to have some fun, too. During our fifth Fitbit challenge, we thought it would be entertaining to try hacking a Fitbit challenge. Ok, yeah…that means cheating a little. Or a lot. But hey, who doesn’t love a good hack now and then? We found some good Fitbit challenge hacks to get more steps than you’re actually making.

We’re not to blame for any consequences, but here goes..

Here are 4 original ways to manipulate Fitbit challenges:

1. Manipulate the settings

Fitbit Settings

If you wear your Fitbit on your dominant hand, there is a setting in the app on your Fitbit app to specify that. Since you move your dominant hand more,  those movements could be incorrectly considered as steps by your Fitbit device.

Settings Fitbit


Now here is the trick: If you wear your device on your dominant hand, but specify in the app you wear it on your non-dominant hand, you can add more steps than you’re actually making.

2. Put your Fitbit around your leg while biking


There aren’t any biking challenges, but stay with us for a moment! That’s the trick: When you strap your Fitbit to your leg (I tried it on bare skin), pushing pedals will be considered as steps.  It’s time to get your bike out!

3. Go rollerblading


When you rollerblade and you wear your Fitbit on your wrist, your movements are considered steps, so with a few miles of rollerblading, you can easily skyrocket your step count.

4. Tap your foot while sitting down

Tap your feet

Did you know you don’t necessarily have to move to have that step counter go up like crazy?
All you need is some good music and dance moves while you’re sitting down at your desk.

When you strap your Fitbit around your leg and tap your foot, each tap will be counted as a step.

You can also stand up and just dance. With every dance move you make, you’ll add steps to the count.

5. Strap it around a dog (or cat)


Have a pet? Manipulate a Fitbit challenge by strapping your device around its collar. Lean back, watch your pet do its thing while you will win the Fitbit challenge without having to do much effort for it.

Do you found some good hacks to manipulate a steps challenge?

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  1. hahahaha yes, we found another one. you know those cats in Chinese restaurants, that are waving? put the fitbit on one of those, and you’ll have thounsands of steps :-)

    1. That is a fantastic and hilarious find! :-)

  2. I once wore my surge while winding some balls of yarn. By the time I was done it said I had done 45 minutes of cycling!

    1. That’s a great one for a follow-up post! Thanks for sharing!

  3. The most bastardized form of the word “hack” I have ever seen… I think a better use would have been, please prepare to glance at an article written by a “hack.”

  4. Can you do any of this with the heart monitor ones?

    1. Ow yeah! I was wearing a Fitbit Surge when trying these!

  5. go swinging and leave your arm swaying counts as steps!

    1. But the Fitbit is not waterproof though.

      1. Uhh the Charge HR is “water resistant” but pretty much waterproof

        1. Good to know, thanks for sharing!

          1. She said swinging not swimming haha

          2. Lol FYI my Charge hr counts sexual activity as steps 😁. I clocked 20,000 one Sunday, Id only walked to the kitchen twice but Me and my partner had sex 4 or 5 times 😆
            Lol being the physically fine tuned, fit and virile male I am, Iv noticed it also registers steps when masterbating 😆
            It measures heaps of steps when playing guitar..
            And charge hr are def not water proof, I wore mine in the surf everyday for six months but eventually it got moisture in it 🙁 On a plus though, I still had the reciept and Fitbit replaced free of charge 🙃
            Already new all of your mentioned hacks except for the pet one 😆 But my cat is lazier than Garfield and probably would clock 100 steps a day 😁 Thanx for the article though

      2. she said SWINGING. Not swimming.

  6. Damn, this fitbit. I’ve been wearing a fitbit for 2 years. Never lost a pound, but I am having fun recently by entering challenges.
    I always win high. I’m honest and never cheat, but it is tempting.
    I play piano and sometimes I’m tempted to play piano and watch the tally go sky high.

    1. Clever way of manipulating it!

  7. The rollerblade trick doesn’t work, it figures out that you’re going faster than walking and doesn’t count many steps at all actually.

    1. When I wrote this post it totally worked. But maybe I was a slow rollerblader 😉

  8. hannah horton

    thx a lots!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!these will help sooooooooooooooooooo much:)

  9. Fitbitter Dominator

    Ok this will really make you all very happy… Fitbitter Magic … the ultimate app to win the challenge

  10. Add this to your hack list, I have a powerful two inch vibrator with multiple speeds. I wrapped a thick rubberband around it and then tucked the Fitbit under the rubberband and then turned on the vibrator and put on the intermittent pulse and the steps go down like a count down clock, but it goes up rapidly! 20 minutes you have 3000 already !

  11. I went to the trampoline park and it added every bounce/weight shift even if it wasn’t a step! Thousands of “steps” with no work.

  12. My son learned that leaving his Fitbit flex in his pants pocket gathered thousands of extra steps going through the washer and dryer 😀. He also shared that putting it in the trunk of his car while driving and also wearing while riding the lawn mower added thousands of steps 😀. He seems much too knowledgeable about cheating methods?????

  13. I wish I could do the fitbit on the leg thing because I have to ride a bike almost 11 miles a day. I can’t do it because I have big legs.

  14. well I was at church minding my own business and there were kids singing and I was clapping with the music and I got the buzz that i reached 10,000 steps. I looked down at the fitbit and found out I got 2,000 while at church dancing mostly from clapping. Before that I didn’t know you can cheat the fit bit at all, I can not say I am pleased that I found out you can manipulate it.

  15. Drive your car and tap your steering wheel. Counts every tap.

  16. You can clip your tracker to a fan on high. Not only are you getting steps without any effort, but you are cooled by the fan as you crack jokes in the challenge as well as praise for your hard work from your competitors :)

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