17 Jawbone UP3 Tips & Tricks

Wow, the Jawbone UP3 is a great wearable! While it does have some flaws, and opinions on wearables are very diverse and personal, I almost like the Jawbone as much as my Basis Peak (which says a lot). After playing around with it for four weeks, I discovered some great tips and tricks that I want to share with you so you can get the most out of your Jawbone, too!

The Jawbone UP3 is an activity and sleep tracker. It comes with a Smart Coach that gives you recommendations during the day, food tracking to check how you’re doing nutrition-wise and heart rate tracking.

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I’ll divide my Jawbone UP3 tips and tricks into four categories:

  • Get to know your band
  • Get social
  • Be more active
  • Track more & better

Get to know your band

1. Wake up your Jawbone UP3 band

Your Jawbone UP3 band switches modes based on whether you are active or asleep. Sometimes you can give your band a hand if it still thinks you are asleep by tapping on it twice to wake it up and switching it from sleep to awake mode.

2. Take it in the shower

Since the Jawbone UP3 is waterproof, you can take it in the shower!

3. Wear it on your non-dominant hand

You move your dominant hand more than your non-dominant hand. Sometimes your Jawbone UP3 picks up those movements as steps or activity. So if you want to have wearable results that are as accurate as possible, wear your Jawbone UP3 on your non-dominant hand, i.e., the one that you don’t use to write.
Jawbone UP3

Get social

4. Perform better when you add friends to the UP app

Research shows that you perform better when you work out with people who are fitter than you: You’re more motivated and stimulated, so your results will be better. I noticed that with my friends on Jawbone. Your data is out there and all your friends can follow your progress, so you want to step it up.

5. Choose with whom you share data

When you share your Jawbone data with friends (or “teammates,” as they’re called in the app), they can immediately see all your stats on your sleeping, mood, activity and food tracking. If you don’t want to share certain data, you can say so in the settings.

Go to help & settings > privacy and sharing and choose which data you want to share with your teammates.

Jawbone UP3 data sharing

6. Duel friends

Competing against people sparks motivation and improves performance, research shows. Thanks to the duels in the UP app, you can challenge friends, family or even rivals to battle with you for steps. You can choose between a 24-hour, 3-day or 1-week duel where you compete to take the most steps. Through the duel, you can see your progress and chat with your partner. It’s fun! Try it out!

7. Leaderbord

Want to get motivated to move more? Check the leaderbord feature on your UP app and see how you rank compared to your Jawbone UP3 teammates. Your friends don’t need to have an UP3 to be your friends on the app; any Jawbone UP device will do. You can even use the app without a Jawbone device.

Dueling friends Jawbone UP3

8. Cheer for friends

You can cheer for every update from friends in your timeline. It’s a a great motivational reward if you get cheers from your teammates on your performances, so do the same for them! You can cheer by clicking on the smiley icon on your teammates’ timeline updates.

9. See your own timeline without updates from friends

When you add people as teammates, their updates will appear on your home screen. Sometimes this can disturb your experience and throw you off because you can’t quickly glance at your own results.

You can easily check your own results by clicking on menu > your name to get a view of your own timeline and tracking.

Or at the top-left part of your home screen, tap the filter icon > your activities.

Jawbone UP3 own timeline

Be more active

10. Set idle alerts

One of the things I love about Jawbone is the ability to set idle alerts. Whenever you are inactive for the amount of time you specify in your settings, your Jawbone UP3 will start to vibrate. This is a great way to have an idea of how long you have been glued to your office chair or couch.

You can set idle alerts by clicking on the band symbol on the homescreen > idle alarm.

Jawbone UP3 idle alarm

11. Connect Runkeeper, MapMyFitness, Strava and other apps

When you connect partner apps to Jawbone UP3, it shows your workout results directly in your timeline, and those will also be counted in your daily total. You get a total overview of your activity in your Jawbone UP app, and you can adjust the data from partner apps by clicking on the activities on your home screen.

Jawbone UP3 partner apps

12. Let the Smart Coach help you

Did you know that by sitting for 7 hours straight, you are 50% more likely to develop depressive symptoms? Neither did I! But  thanks to the Jawbone Smart Coach, you can get tips based on your tracking and an overall snapshot of your health.

Track more & better

13. Mood Tracking

Hands up for the mood tracking of Jawbone UP3! The little emoji throwing its hands up or down in the air has always allowed me to track my mood really well.

14. Track your food by scanning barcodes

You can track your food by scanning the barcodes of your packaged food. When you are logging your food, click on the barcode symbol next to the camera symbol. No more searching endless databases to find the exact food you’ve eaten!

Foodtracking Jawbone UP3

15. Review your sleep

Before using your sleep data, Jawbone will ask to confirm your sleeping times. View it closely and adjust it. Sometimes it misses certain hours in bed or thinks you slept less than you actually did.

Sleep Jawbone UP3

16. Get a daily summary of your activity

Activity alerts allow you to receive push notifications to help you stay up to date on your activity. You can receive progress updates when you reach a certain number of steps or a “Move Summary” at your chosen time of day.

You can activate your summary by going to Help & settings > Notification Settings > Take action (on the bottom).


17. Set reminders

Keep your healthy habits in check! Feeling your wrist vibrate serves as a great reminder. Because of my daily bedtime reminder, I knew exactly how late it was and it nudged me to go to bed.

You can set reminders in the Settings of the app on the right side.

What are your Jawbone UP3 tips & tricks? 

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