Corporate Stress & Burn-out: Why You Should Care

Stress is a Pandemic

The World Health Organization predicted that stress burn-outs would be a pandemic in the next decade. This prediction was made in 2013

Billion Problem

Karoshi: A Company Problem?

In Japan conscious efforts are made in order to reduce fatal injuries because of overworking and working too hard. There is even a word for it: “karoshi”. Does this mean that employee’s health is a responsibility of an employer?
to  there is an official word for the efforts companies and governments are making in order to reduce fatal injuries because of working too hard.

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Review Spire

Things I like about the Spire:

1. Design of the mobile app

2. Accuracy (depending where you wear it)

3. Buzzes to remind you to relax


Things I dislike about the Spire:

1. Battery life

2. Limited memory

The Spire is a pretty big device, so I was rather shocked when I turned on my bluetooth and the app told me the device only stores 6 hours of data. That means you need to sync the Spire at least twice with your smartphone during one day, which is a bit overkill.


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