5 Ways To Prevent Stress On The Work Floor

Stress in the workplace is a problem we all deal with. The World Health Organization predicted in 2013 that burn-out would be a global pandemic within the next decade. So it comes as no surprise that 60% of the public sector and 40% of the private sector employees reported high levels of burn-out and stress. 

Reasons Why Employees Are Stressed & Feel Burned Out

There is a wide variety of reasons why employees feel burned out and stressed on the work floor. Some of the most common reasons are: Lack of control over their job and schedule, having different values, too much work…

How do you battle with stress?

5 Ways To Prevent Stress as A Manager

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A month with Rise app, a nutrition & weight loss coach

Lately I have been dealing with skin issues that might be related to food intolerances. When I had a severe outbreak a month ago, I decided to see whether a personal nutritionist could help me out. After some recommendations from my coworkers, I tried out Rise app, a nutrition and weight loss coach.

Rise app is a mobile app that brings you in touch with a personal nutritionist for $50 per month. Upon sign-up, you get three nutrition coach choices, and you pick the coach that best suits you. You provide them with some history about yourself and your goal, and you’re all set to start your nutrition journey. After taking a picture of each meal, you upload it to the app, and your nutritionist labels the meal green, orange or red, depending on whether you did well or not. They also come comment on your meal and let you know if you can improve something. Through a messaging system you can get in touch with your coach to explain things or ask for information.

Here is my month with Rise app:

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